Channel O Music Video Awards 2012

The Channel O Music Video Awards were quite interesting. It was a great production from where I was sitting despite always being by the autocue screen almost all the time I go to live shows.

Well that’s little to complain about as Khanyi Mbau had much more problems than I did. She was treating like the rest of us…had to stand in line for the food (which she didn’t)…had no one fussing over her (except for those stupid 3 white girls). I wanted to slap them when I saw them surrounding her asking whatever stupid questions they were asking.

Another issue was the unevenness of the floor as one walks to the venue. Well that’s not from me but the ladies who were in high heels.

My complaint…I have none. I only feel bad about not knowing other African artists including the DBanj Diva who had body guard. I found myself wondering for a why, for a who?

If that bodybuilder who was with Mandoza is also a body guard, I would be at distance from Mandoza because I’m scared of him but because I’m disgusted by this physique. There’s looking after your body and there’s spoiling your body.

Another thing I wondered was when Dj Zinhle came to play her song. What the hell are DJs doing on the turn table when they are playing especially their one song? You see them pressing, turning and setting buttons but the track sounds exactly as is in the album. That’s a topic for another day.

Whilst on performances, one could not help but notice how entertaining Dr Malinga is with his ballet moves and throwing his legs around like a cartoon character.

I wonder what killed Kwaito if people go so crazy whenever an old song is on or a has been artist is performing making people nostalgic of a time “when Kwaito was Kwaito”. How come no one is making a music so appreciated more than wine or whisky?

You probably thinking Kwaito is not dead…yeah right!

Oskido was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award but what seem to be a lifetime achieve was for his wife to finally manage to put the guy into a suit. Good for you Oskido.

I must give a thumbs up to the organisers, everything from registration, parking, drinks (except for the food) and shuttles back to the parking was a smooth ride.


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